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About the Workshop

IIIT-Delhi is organizing a workshop in collaboration with Codechef and IIT-Delhi for school students who want to participate in Zonal Computing Olympiad (ZCO) in preparation for the Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI). This workshop is not about teaching basic programming, but to provide help in solving problems and developing code for the solution.

The workshop will be taken by the faculty and students from IIIT-Delhi and IIT- Delhi. It will be conducted over roughly a week at IIIT-Delhi. Apart from the lectures given by the faculty, the students will also be given some material to read, solve few selected problems and maybe watch some tutorials on the Internet. Student mentors will be available for discussing any sort of doubts and difficulties faced by the students. There will also be a one day session after a week of the lecture series to explicitly discuss contest problems, clearing doubts and to provide more problems to practice. Students will also be provided help with programming on competitive programming platforms and online judges. Practical programming sessions will held on every session. Students can either bring their own laptops or they can work on machines in IIIT-Delhi Lab for the sessions.

Faculty from IIIT-Delhi: To be decided
Faculty from IIT-Delhi: Dr. Smruti Sarangi
Student Mentors
IIT Delhi: Jatin Yadav, Yash Bansal
IIIT Delhi: Ambar Pal, Anmol Singh, Palash Bansal, Parth Mittal, Ramya YS, Rounaq Jhunjhunu Wala, Satyam Kumar, Utsav Rohilla (IIIT-Delhi)

Outcome of the Previous Editions

Similar workshop was held in 2014 and 2015 as well. The workshop exposed the students to the world of competitive programming, algorithms and data structures. Last year, out of the 27 people that were selected for the INOI training camp, 9 of them had attended the workshop at IIIT-Delhi. This is a superlative achievement. Surpassing all expectations, 2 out of 4 people - Rajat De and Srijon Mukherjee, who represented India at the Informatics Olympiad (IOI) 2016 held in Russia attended the workshop. Both of them won Silver medals.

IIIT-Delhi in collaboration with IARCS, CodeChef for Schools and I.I.T. Delhi had conducted a 5-week long workshop for school students to prepare them for the Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI) (INOI), wherein students and faculty from IIIT - Delhi and IIT Delhi trained the attendees. The workshop exposed the students to the world of competitive programming, algorithms and data structures. The participants were made to think out of the box, for the solution and code the solution in one of their favorite programming language. Out of the 30 people that have been selected for the INOI training camp-2015, 7 of them had attended the workshop at IIIT-Delhi. This is a superlative achievement and huge contribution to the young student community.
Surpassing all expectations and in testimony to the excellent preparatory workshop 1 of the workshop attendee Kushagra Juneja of Apeejay School, Pitampura, New Delhi has been selected to represent India at IOI, 2015 to be held in Kazakhstan. Before joining the workshop he had no idea of the IOI or competitive programming and within a span of 4-5 months he has manage to secure place in 4-member Indian IOI Team. Lets read what Kushagra has to say about the workshop :

I am Kushagra Juneja and I did not know anything about competitive programming before joining the workshop, I just had interest in it. After joining the workshop, I got familiar with some basic concepts like binary search, bfs , dfs etc. More importantly, it ignited my interest and encouraged me to take part in programming contests. Now, I am going to IOI but it is really fun remembering how it all started!
-Kushagra Juneja, IOI 2015

The workshop is tremendously helpful in preparing students and introducing them at an early stage to the world of competitive programming. IIIT-Delhi also gives weightage to students in its B. Tech program if their make it to the final stage of the IOI.
The role of student mentors was also deeply appreciated from IIIT Delhi who were instrumental in putting the workshop together. Prof. Pankaj Jalote expressed his happiness on the occasion and congratulating the Kushagra, wished him all the very best for the future. Also promising that the workshop will remain an integral part of the IIITD community outreach and giving back to schools program, filling a huge void and augmenting school connect between institutions of higher education.

Also here are the responses from few other students who attended the workshop:

I was a student of class 12th when I attended the INOI Workshop conducted by IIITD. It helped a lot in my INOI Preparation and I learnt some new useful algorithms. The contests conducted after each class were also quite good and tested the basic concepts taught. They also tested our thinking power by including good quality questions along with the basic ones. The teachers were quite good at explaining the basics. The student mentors discussed the solutions to the contest problems and cleared all our doubts. Summing all of it, it was a pretty good workshop and I was able to make it to IOITC this year.
- Daksh Anand, INOI Training Camp-2015

I am grateful to IIITD for conducting the workshop. I was a beginner at that time and was just introduced to competitive programming. I learnt about INOI, IOITC and IOI at that time and got motivated to clear INOI. In workshop they taught basic stuff first and then hosted contests every week and also discussed solutions after the contest. The teachers explained the basic very well and also i learnt many new algorithms there. This helped me clear INOI and i was able to get a decent rank at IOITC too. Thanks to this workshop
Rajat De, Silver Medalist, IOI-2016

I was a student of 11th standard when I attended the workshop conducted by IIITD for the INOI. It was a wonderful experience being a part of this workshop. The workshop directed me towards learning new algorithms and new concepts in Algorithm design and analysis. Many concepts were new for me and hadn't i attended the workshop I would have been unfamiliar with them. The practice session after the theory class was also very helpful. The student mentors taught us many tricks and shortcuts which turn out to be very useful in competitive programming. Although I couldn't make it to the IOITC, I qualified for the INOI.
Shubhang Sati, INOI 2015

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